We are very blessed to have Dr. Edward L. Hall as our Minister/Evangelist at the Buena Vista location.

In October 1990, Dr. Edward Leon Hall became the minister of the Buena Vista Congregation.

Dr. Hall’s exemplary lifestyle to hold up the blood-stained banner of our Savior, Jesus Christ, is a true gift from God. Dr. Hall encourages us to “Tie a Knot and Hold On” and realize that we have the greatest gifts in love and hope because the Tomb is still empty; meaning, Jesus has risen!

Through Dr. Hall’s leadership and vision, we experience biblical exegetical teaching that breaks down the true meaning of God’s Word.

Since 1992, our Minister, Dr. Hall, has been reconstructing and renovating the congregation in a spiritual way. He instructs the church how to experience an exalted worship, how to experience the power of God’s presence, how to outreach with a focus, how to build loving relationships with each other, and he educates members on how to be great stewards for the Lord with their lives and with their finances biblically. As the church began to embrace Christ, individuals began to recognize how to embrace completeness in their spiritual walk, and found themselves psychologically ready for the personal challenges they would encounter in their lives daily.

About Dr. Edward Leon Hall

  • Native of Nashville, Tennessee
  • The full-time Minister of the Buena Vista Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee, and has been the minister at the Buena Vista Church of Christ for 29 years.
  • He has been preaching the gospel for 40 years.
  • Married to Sis. Jacqueline (Jackie) Hall.
  • He has three adult children, Dr. Keith (Lawanda) Hall,Sr., Dr. Bryant (Chaitra) Hall, Sr., and Dr. Nikol (Markeo) Moore.
  • He also enjoys spending time with his 9 Grandchildren.

Educational history:

  • Graduate of Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas, 1986.
  • Graduate of Tennessee State University in 1995 with B.S. in Psychology.
  • Graduate of Theological University of America in Grand Rapid, Iowa with a Master in Divinity in 1999 and with a Doctor in Theology and Ministry in the year 2000.

Community Service:

Professional Counseling in the area of:

  • Families/Domestic Situations Profiles
  • Youth Restoration with their Families and Juvenile Detention Restoration.
  • Pre-Marital Counseling, Marital Reconstruction, and Marital Enrichment
  • Spiritual Citing — Networking with sister Churches of Christ
  • Has held numerous Gospel Meetings, Workshops and Seminars throughout United States.

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