Buena Vista Church Livestream Information

There are a few ways you can access the Buena Vista Livestream site.

1. Visit: https://livestream.com/buenavistacoc and if you aren't already subscribed or you don't have an account, be sure to sign up for one and also become a Follower of Buena Vista Church of Christ Livestream. That way, you will also receive alerts for when we are LIVE and broadcasting.

You can also watch past Livestream recordings at this site as well.

2. Click on the Livestream photo on our website home page (rotating in the pictures) and it will then redirect you directly to our Livestream site.

3. Watch for updates on our Facebook page (The Church at Buena Vista OR @thechurchatbuenavistanashville) and you can click on the link that will be updated there.