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Mothers are Special Individuals for God

May 12th, 2014 by Dr. Edward L. Hall

There are many of us in the world that can express a deep and special love of thanks for THE MOTHER that we know that have raised us. No matter what experience we had growing up, OUR MOTHERS WERE JUST SPECIAL PEOPLE doing the best they could and loving us with all the strength they had in them. As a matter of fact, we probably can remember the special hugging and family gatherings that was JUST SPECIAL. Siblings being able to relate to each other and laughing about things that were just wholesome laughs concerning things we did growing up. There was no talking or making fun about other people, or neighbors. However, we also watched our mothers age as well as the physiological makeup of her body reaching its peak during the process. At that point, siblings began to rally to assist their mothers to make sure they stayed comfortable for the years that they made us comfortable. And yet, meeting her needs as she ages can be emotionally draining and time-consuming. Or perhaps with some siblings being resentful over experiences of conflict, mistreatment, or rejection in childhood which created barriers.
    Despite past histories and experiences, we cannot ignore the biblical principles to honor our parents (Ephesians 6:2). No matter what experiences that you encounter growing up with your mothers, WE MUST CONTINUE TO LOVE OUR MOTHER PATIENTLY. We all make mistakes and carry emotional baggage that shape our actions and responses. We have to be kind to them no matter what their conditions are, because rudeness only reveals imperfections and does not benefit or improve our relationship with our mother. we have to make sure that we are unselfish because we are called to live the example of Christ instead of seeking our own comfort. Last and foremost, to love somebody, requires forgiveness. When we hold a grudge about things regarding family relationship, it not only poisons us; it blocks us from building a good relationship that could develop our character to another elevation that God’s power is designed to operate on to heal or open that relationship.
     Now, there are some things that may seem impossible, and are impossible apart from Christ. But with Christ, we all should love our mothers, and be empowered by the present time that God has given us to be with them on earth this day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers.